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Print Design /  Interactive Design / Campaign / Logo / Collateral / Collaboration with Amanda Ashworth, Scott Gibson, Louise Hannah and Anthony Vasquez
Student Work  

Lucy in Disguise is a costume shop in downtown Austin that needed to boost sales. My team was asked to do this by hosting a local event with many parts leading up to this event. Fable fest would be a yearly event held in the early summer by Lucy in Disguise where, like a renaissance fair, the public is invited to dress up and participate in many games and shows. I designed the logo and branding of the overall campaign as well as contributed conceptually to all aspects of the campaign.

In the weeks coming up to the Fable Fest stock would be put out around town as well as other medieval and fantasy  photo opportunities. Flat Stanley  like character named Prunella Pixie would be let out with explanation on the back to upload photos to the website. Lucy in Disguise would partner with a local pub, The dog and duck and release limited time only mugs for anyone with a Fable Fest inspired costume.

A team based scavenger hunt for characters and trinkets would begin and end at lucy in disguise where participators would solve riddles to advance. The winners would get X dollars to use in the store for costumes and would be honored at the festival.

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