My name is Zachary Rojas and I’m a Graphic Designer based in Texas. I like to think of myself as a Zach of all trades and I am always trying to expand my knowledge and test my skills

I’m just a South Texas kid who grew up loving music and art, but could never set my heart on just one, until I found a way to combine them. Through friends and family I got to know local bands and began to draw out flyers and posters for musicians in the coastal bend area. In high-school I fell hard again for another love, screen-printing, when my cousin offered me a job at the local print shop and after my first day I was hooked.

Fast-forward to 2009, I was fresh outta school with a baby girl and I had a hard choice to make, work with dad in the heat of Vegas as an electrician or go to college for drafting. Well, after a year, I found that neither of those worked for me and I wanted to get back to my roots and do what I loved.

Now I’m a graphic designer in Texas ready to take on the world. I love to draw, paint and experiment with various mediums of the fine arts. I take any opportunity to dive into something new so that I can to continue to stretch my creativity. So if you want to try something new hit me up and we can jump in together!

If you want to know more please contact me or friend me on facebook.

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