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TreyDeuce – Professor

Print Design / Photography / Typography / Packaging Freelance Trey Deuce, a south Texas hip hop artist recorded at Yellow House Studios, reached out to me to design the art for his new mix tape. As a rapper and a musician felt like he could bring a whole new level of hip hop and knowledge to the game, without dropping swears or spewing lyrical ignorance he could best any opponent in freestyle or light up any crowd with his well crafted songs. Trey, being a young educated pharmacist in training, opted to title the album "Professor" because he educates his peers while d

Campaign, Collateral, Illustration, Print Design

Super Pepper For President

                Chuy's Restaurants Print Design / Campaign / Illustration / Collateral / Collaboration with Maeve Rogers and Alicia Bergner Internship at Mosak Advertising and Insight The Green Chile Festival is hosted every year by Chuy's restaurants to mark the harvest of fresh hatch green chiles. The chefs concoct several food and drink special items to celebrate the chile's spice. For the 24th Festival the client wanted to bring back the previous years mascot, Super Pepper, and put him up as a nominee in the 2012 presidential election. We were tasked wi

Book, Iconography, Paint, Print Design, Publication

Mark Z. Danielewski

          Print Design / Publication / Book Jacket / Painting / Iconography Student Work   Mark Z. Danielewski is an author best known for his debut novel "House of Leaves" but has written other great books such as "Only Revolutions" and "The Fifty Year Sword". When "The Fifty Year Sword" was released in 2005 only 1,000 first editions were printed and 51 of those copies were signed by Mark with a "Z" varying in 5 colors coordinating with the colors used in the book. Later in 2006  another 1,000 second edition copies were released making th