Bee Rescue and Preserve



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Print Design / Campaign / Publication / Logo / Photography / Collaboration with Megan Bourgeois
Student Work  

My class was paired up and tasked with playing the roll of art director for a local none profit of our choice. I was paired with a wonderful girl, Megan Bourgeois, who already had a bunch of great potential clients. We settled on the Central Texas Honey Bee Rescue and Preserve because it was a non profit dedicated to preserving the bee population in the Austin area by moving them rather than exterminating them from homes and businesses. While researching we gathered a lot of information about how important bees really are and put together a picture  of what the world would be like without them.

Although their cause was noble, their logo and branding were terrible so we decided to go above and beyond and update their look. We shortened the name and I gave them a new logo for the presentation of the campaign. We really wanted to make the masses aware of how important bees are while poking fun at the little things we’d miss without them. Megan photographed our scenes then I touched them up in photoshop. We created three ads that would run in magazines like the Austin Chronicle or Texas Monthly.

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