Illustration, Print Design, Typography

The Future’s So Bright

Print Design / Illustration / Typography Freelance A group of designers called The Lightbulb Exchange sought to create an artbook inspired by the future and what we want from it. Calling for submissions via a facebook group invitation. The only requirements for your work was the message "The Future's So Bright" and sunglasses in a 7x7 format. The Lightbulb Exchange enjoys hosting these collaborative events to "keep the creative juices flowing" in the designer community. The above artwork was my contribution. 

Packaging, Photography, Print Design, Typography

TreyDeuce – Professor

Print Design / Photography / Typography / Packaging Freelance Trey Deuce, a south Texas hip hop artist recorded at Yellow House Studios, reached out to me to design the art for his new mix tape. As a rapper and a musician felt like he could bring a whole new level of hip hop and knowledge to the game, without dropping swears or spewing lyrical ignorance he could best any opponent in freestyle or light up any crowd with his well crafted songs. Trey, being a young educated pharmacist in training, opted to title the album "Professor" because he educates his peers while d