Interactive Design / Logo / iPhone App
Student Work

My class was tasked with creating a logo and phone app to pitch to a developing social networking website. Five-jar’s idea was simple, a hub to get direct feedback through any of you social networks about places, activities and services with the ability to rate, comment or like as a user. The user would also be able to customize what groups he/she sees on the feed as well as open other application through the app. We were asked to create an application that was simple and easy to use that used their existing color palette. I created a splash screen so that new users could immediately link and create their Five-jar account. The main page is a thread that updates recommendations from all your contacts and allows the user to comment or ask for a recommendations. A side bar is available to search for past recommendations and customize what contacts are seen.

Out of 40 students one design was chosen by the client and is still in development, the idea has evolved since my involvement so my concept is far from what is yet to come.

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