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Print Design / Publication / Book Jacket / Painting / Iconography
Student Work  

Mark Z. Danielewski is an author best known for his debut novel “House of Leaves” but has written other great books such as “Only Revolutions” and “The Fifty Year Sword”. When “The Fifty Year Sword” was released in 2005 only 1,000 first editions were printed and 51 of those copies were signed by Mark with a “Z” varying in 5 colors coordinating with the colors used in the book. Later in 2006  another 1,000 second edition copies were released making the books very hard to come by. Recently Mark has announced more copies would be printed in the U.S. I thought it would be cool if he released the 3 books he is most known for as a set, marking the rerelease of “The Fifty Year Sword”. The set would call for a new look that would tie all the books together. Since he the use of colored text is prominent in his books I wanted to play off of that along with strong symbols represented in each book. All three books are wonderful reads and I encourage you to check them out. You can watch a presentation of “The Fifty Year Sword” on YouTube.

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