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Chuy’s Restaurants
Print Design / Campaign / Illustration / Collateral / Collaboration with Maeve Rogers and Alicia Bergner
Internship at Mosak Advertising and Insight

The Green Chile Festival is hosted every year by Chuy’s restaurants to mark the harvest of fresh hatch green chiles.
The chefs concoct several food and drink special items to celebrate the chile’s spice. For the 24th Festival the client wanted to bring back the previous years mascot, Super Pepper, and put him up as a nominee in the 2012 presidential election. We were tasked with creating an entire “election” campaign for the Super hero duo, Chuy the VP and Super Pepper for President. The campaign was advertised by flyers and banners at participating locations along with an online advertising via the chuys.com and facebook. Giveaways and merchandise such as bumper stickers, buttons, and t-shirts were sold/handed out on location to attract a larger audience. A drink menu  was release shortly before the festival began at all Chuy’s locations. Then between August 20th and September 9th the Green Chile Festival menu was released to satisfy fire hungry customers.
I illustrated and assisted in the designing and layout of the entire campaign. I worked closely with Maeve Rogers who designed and art directed all the pieces, while Alicia Bergner guided the creative direction of the campaign.

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