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Logo / Collateral / Print Design Freelance  Rock Star Barbecue and Burgers is a food truck and catering business located in Beeville, TX that serves a wide array of southern favorites such as brisket, pulled ...

Rock Star BBQ & Burgers

Collateral, Iconography, Logo, Print Design

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          Logo / Collateral / Photography / Print Design Freelance  A friend approached me with an ambition to one day open his own recording studio and production company. Not sure where to start ...

Yellow House Studios

Collateral, Logo, Photography, Print Design

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Print Design / Logo / Typography Freelance Warren Heart is a singer/songwriter in south Texas inspired by artist such as Coldplay, Jason Mraz, and Bruno Marz. After the release of his first album he ...

Warren Heart – T-Shirt

Logo, Print Design, Typography

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Print Design / Illustration / Typography Freelance A group of designers called The Lightbulb Exchange sought to create an artbook inspired by the future and what we want from it. Calling for submissions via a ...

The Future’s So Bright

Illustration, Print Design, Typography

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Print Design / Photography / Typography / Packaging Freelance Trey Deuce, a south Texas hip hop artist recorded at Yellow House Studios, reached out to me to design the art for his new mix tape. As a rapper and a ...

TreyDeuce – Professor

Packaging, Photography, Print Design, Typography

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Interactive Design / Logo / iPhone App Student Work My class was tasked with creating a logo and phone app to pitch to a developing social networking website. Five-jar's idea was simple, a hub to get direct feedback ...


Interactive Design, Logo

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                Chuy's Restaurants Print Design / Campaign / Illustration / Collateral / Collaboration with Maeve Rogers and Alicia Bergner Internship at Mosak Advertising and Insight The Green ...

Super Pepper For President

Campaign, Collateral, Illustration, Print Design

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          Print Design / Publication / Book Jacket / Painting / Iconography Student Work   Mark Z. Danielewski is an author best known for his debut novel "House of Leaves" but has ...

Mark Z. Danielewski

Book, Iconography, Paint, Print Design, Publication

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       Print Design / Campaign / Publication / Logo / Photography / Collaboration with Megan Bourgeois Student Work   My class was paired up and tasked with playing the roll of art director for a local none ...

Bee Rescue and Preserve

Campaign, Logo, Photography, Print Design, Publication

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Thrasher Magazine Interactive Design / Print Design / Publication / Logo / Iconography / Collateral / iPhone App Student Work This was an application for iphone that kept in the back of my brain until I was ...

Go Sk8

Collateral, Iconography, Interactive Design, Logo, Print Design, Publication

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Print Design / Publication / Typography Student Work   I was tasked with creating a magazine layout from a previously written article or interview. Derek Hess has always been an inspiration to me so I ...

Hess Knows Best

Print Design, Publication, Typography

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               Lucy in Disguise Print Design /  Interactive Design / Campaign / Logo / Collateral / Collaboration with Amanda Ashworth, Scott Gibson, Louise Hannah and Anthony Vasquez Student ...

Fable Fest

Campaign, Collateral, Interactive Design, Logo, Print Design